PLN Urges Customers to Avoid Personal Contact with Technicians for Electric Meter Issues

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Lasiran, who is the general manager of PLN’s Jakarta Raya Distribution Unit (UID), is telling people that if they need to change their kWh metre, they shouldn’t go to PLN techs’ homes. He says to do this to make sure safety and stop people from replacing metres without permission.

Why Stay Away from People?

Lasiran’s main reason for recommending this is to stop people from replacing metres without permission or without being responsible. When customers try to talk to PLN technicians directly about replacing their metres, they may do things that not allowed and could be risky.

kWh metres checked by technicians on a daily basis to make sure they are working right. PLN can keep things organised and safe by only letting authorised actions happen through official channels.

Why using the official app to report is important

Lasiran is telling users that the easiest and safest way to report metre problems is through the official PLN app. This makes sure that the utility company watches over and manages the process. It also making sure that a responsible and reliable solution will found to the problem.

Metre tampering and replacements done without permission can be dangerous and lead to wrong bills. PLN tells customers that to avoid these issues, they should only use the right methods to report problems with their metres.

Things that customers can’t do with PLN

PLN users are only allowed to report problems through the official app. They are not allowed to change or mess with their kWh metres in any way. This means taking off seals, changing metre circuit breakers (MCBs) or getting new PLN kWh metres put in their homes.

These rules are in place to protect the safety of both customers and workers. They must to keep the electrical system in good shape. And then, interfering with kWh metres without permission can cause them to give wrong numbers. Furthermore, they can wrong in how much electricity used and could pose an electrical safety risk.

How Technicians Do Their Job

Technicians for PLN trained professionals whose job it is to keep and fix electrical metres. They check kWh metres on a regular basis to make sure they work well and give correct numbers. And then, it is very important for customers to take the right steps to fix any problems or concerns they have with the metre.

The real PLN app

Customers can easily and safely report problems with their energy metres through the official PLN app. PLN can quickly and professionally fix problems, whether broken metre, wrong numbers or any other electrical issue, because the process streamlined.

And then, customers can make sure that their issues taken care of in a way that follows PLN’s rules and safety measures by using the app.

First, safety

That said, PLN’s main goal to keep the electricity system safe and reliable. Customers told to put safety first by reporting problems through the official app and not messing with their kWh metres themselves.

Customers and PLN both gain from being responsible, which makes sure that bills are correct and the electrical environment is safe. It might take a little while to used to the official app. But, it the safest and most reliable way to deal with issues linked to metres.